Hillier Bartley

Hillier Bartley combines masculine elegance with rakish femininity and plays with the notion of mixing English aristocracy with street style influences. Founded in 2015 by Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, the brand is a true reflection of everything the pair have learnt as designers–it is defiant and purist, sophisticated while retaining the punkish attitude of youth, irreverent by nature while maturing into refinement. A play between juxtapositions; resulting in androgynous, luxurious, and iconic design with a gender-inclusive approach. An uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship, considered design, luxurious materials, and precise attention to detail runs through each collection. Hillier Bartley is a brand that embodies luxury with attitude. Operating where possible with zero waste throughout the development and manufacturing process, ensuring that the greatest care is taken throughout every stage and process in order to produce accessories to the highest standard.

Photography: Bag still life: David Sims, SS16 Campaign: David Sims, Paperclip Earrings: Toby McFarlan Pond